About Us

We are a team of 5 friends. We met at a university and decided to start a blog in 2022, where we could share all our knowledge related to Coding. Things that we learn and notice will cause problems for new students. We upload it here. Firstly we started with the C language which is the basis of all languages. In the future, we will include all coding languages here.

Our Team Members:

Hamid Aurangzaib:

Hamid Aurangzaib is the founder of this blog. He works on website SEO, keyword analysis, and website design. Along with this he also wrote articles on the C language. He also guided other team members to create a new blog. He has already worked with some big companies like asurascans etc.

Luqman Haider:

Luqman Haider is a good logic designer. He makes program logic very fast and straightforwardly. He also knows the basis of SEO and he is a good writer. He likes to share his knowledge related to programming.

Arslan Khan:

Arslan Khan is a good programmer. He usually loved the loops and functions in programming. He is also a good code writer and logic designer. Also, he likes to work on theory topics Like explaining the fundamentals of computers etc.

Usman Khan:

Usman Khan is a passionate article writer. He knows how to write articles for readers so they can understand the logic of a program quickly. His way of explaining is very informative.

Hussain Ali:

Hussain Ali has a good understanding of writing articles according to keywords. He also writes articles in a good manner. He has a good experience with a lot of websites.